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    How to use the food timer
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    Operating Instructions :


    1.  Pull the trough out of the main body to see the battery compartmend  lid and open it . Insert the Size.  5 batteries in a direction of Positive- Negartive pole and cover the battery compartment lid. Special design  of second hand indication, by looking into second hand running , you can  leran Whether the food timer has enough power.


    2.   Use the time knob to adjust time and set the dial to the present time. Make sure to the time knob  clockwise to set time . ( For example, it is 8 o'clock at present. Turn the time knob and make the figure 8 Pointing to The start switch above .  One circle of the dial is 24 Hours)



    3.    Open the  trough  and put the  feed in .  Amont of feed in the feed  compartment shall be kept between the lines marked max. and min.



    4.   Close the  trough in the direction with a " UP" sign, pull it to rotation shaft and get fixed.



    5. Turn the feed measure switch to set each feed quantity.



    6.  Insert time bolts in the dial.  The feeder will automatically feed according to the time set,  each case for 30 minutes. ( For example, if you need to feed the fish at 8 o'clock, you can insert the time bolt in the slot pointing to the figure 8). The feeder can automatically feed 48 times a day. Only 6 time bolts are avaliable to enable you 6 times automatic feeding. ( If you need  more automatic feeding  times a day, please purchase more time bolts)



    7. You can turn the start switch in person to feed manually for enjoyment  of fish feeding.




    8.  Two manners are available to fix the  feeder on the aquarium. First, nip the glass with clip, then turn the bolt to make the clip clamping the glass .  Second, insert rubber into the base, tear off the auto -adhesive seal on the base and stick it on the dry.  stainless and horizontal aquarium 5 mm for the margin.



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